Coconut milk may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to conditioning your hair but it really is moisturizing and helps with very dry and brittle hair. Coconut milk is rich in Vitamin B, C, iron and fatty acids. So yes! it came to save your hair. So next time you buy that coconut don’t let the coconut meat go to waste. Keep it and let’s put it to a better use.

My hair had been very dry for about 2 week because I run out of conditioner and my fridge was very empty (no kitchen hacks could save my hair). Fortunately, I got some fresh coconut one morning on my way to work (that coconut water was so refreshing for it was a very hot day) and saved the coconut meat for my experiment. I researched on how to prepare coconut milk at home and It was easier than I thought.


In making your coconut milk, first put the coconut meat in a blender. Add hot water (not boiling) and blend. Sieve your blended coconut to get the milk. Keep blending the food that remains in the sieve until you get enough milk. Voila! you have your coconut milk.

  • I mixed my coconut milk with 3 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of melted Shea butter, and a bit of au naturale knot-out conditioner.
  • Wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice. Don’t forget to rinse with warm water.
  • Section your hair and apply your coconut milk and honey mixture to each section while d detangling hair with a wide-tooth comb, your fingers or your detangling brush.
  • Cover with a poly bag and wait for 30 mins.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Apply your LOC and leave to air dry.

My experiment did not turn out bad. The only down to this was the mixture was very light. I probably used too much coconut milk or made my milk too light so it created a lot of mess. It was quite difficult to detangle my hair in the beginning because my hair was very dry. I added more of the detangling conditioner to make detangling easy (I used just a little in the beginning). However, this was not a fail since my hair came out just like I wanted-soft, moisturized, curly and healthy. This is going to be one of my go-to DIY deep conditioning techniques and I totally recommend it.

Products used

  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo
  • Au Naturale Anti shrinkage Knot-out conditioner
  • Biocare Curls&Naturals Leave-in conditioner
  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Smoothie
  • Fresh Coconut and pure honey from Vanessa’s village
  • Raw Shea butter from Tamale, Northern Ghana

Please check out the short video of this routine on ig- @dija_torbay


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Winter is here!! I know some people are going to have my had for saying “winter” so probably I should be saying Harmattan is here since I am in Ghana, West Africa. The Harmattan season is the driest season of the year which starts from November and ends in March. However, due to climate changes we are in December and we still don’t have the real feel of Harmattan. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to come, you just need to prepare for it. Buy a big bowl of shea butter because Shea butter will definitely be your night and shining amour in these

Anyway, during Winter and Harmattan, the atmosphere is very dry meaning your hair is in trouble…big trouble. You need to take care of it better than you used to do. Your hair is now prone to breakage, fairy knots and frizz. So keep your hair more moisturized or stick to protective styles. Let me just put down a few tips you should know

  • Add heavy oils (Olive, coconut, castor oils) to your conditioner or add honey to your conditioner. This is going to help your hair to be more moisturized and seal in the moisture as well. Or do your weekly deep conditioning treatment
  • Do protective styling. This doesn’t mean just getting braids done or wearing a weave or something of that sort. Keeping your hair in a bun is also a protective style. So far as your ends are off your shoulders then you are good. Braids, weaves, twists, buns should now be your go-to styles. I am not a huge fan of getting briads or weaves because it takes so long to finish it. I just cannot sit still for 4-6 hours I would stick to my buns.
  • Pre-poo with your hot oils (Olive oil, castor oil, cocnut oil) before shampooing or co-washing.
  • Grab your satin scarf from wherever it’s hiding. Don’t be lazy girl…use it.
  • Trim your ends. Don’t wait till it’s breaking or super dry..cut it off and keep your ends healthy.
  • Seal your ends with castor oil or shea butter. You can do this once every other day before bed. Keep your hair in big twists or braids and cover with a satin scarf before bed.

Don’t let the cold and dry weather win. as much as you keep your body warm you should keep your hair warm too. Protect it, retain your length or grow it, and don’t ever regret going natural. These are just simple tips you can add to your regimen.

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Since we are in the month of November, I want us to acknowledge the #NoShaveNovember movement. Before I continue let me answer your most pressing questions- Yes I’m a girl writing on beards…and No I don’t have a beard.

Now let’s move on. The concept of No shave November was started to raise awareness for Cancer by embracing our hair and letting it grow. The money typically spent on shaving and grooming must be donated to educate people on cancer prevention, help save lives and aid cancer patients. So guys don’t grow out that beard just for the fun of it, save up and go do some cancer awareness.

Now to the beard story…

I don’t know much about beards but it doesn’t hurt to share the little you know right? The beard is also natural facial hair (unless some of you guys relax it…Don’t do that!) so taking care of it should not be too different from taking care of your natural hair except the beard might not need as much products as us naturalistas use.

  1. Beard Shampoo/Beard wash: This is specially made for facial hair. It helps cleanse and strengthen the beard hair and also reduces itching as the beard grows. Don’t use regular shampoo since this strips the beard of its natural oils and leaves your beard dry thereby leading to beard dandruff and split ends.
  2. Beard Balm: This is used as your moisturizer. It conditions and softens the hair thereby making it easier to handle.
  3. Beard Oil: Natural oils are best for hair growth. This helps to hydrate and condition facial hair as well as the skin beneath it. Some oils to use are Argan oil which promotes healthy hair, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil and almond oil . You can also make your own beard oil by mixing two or three of the oils of your choice. Use your beard oil everyday to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. That doesn’t mean you should pour a whole bottle of beard oil in your beard.
  4. Beard Softener: If you’ve got really hard hair this might just be what you need. It works as a leave-in conditioner so it helps to really soften coarse beard hair.
  5. Beard Growth Serum: I know some of you guys struggle with beard growth and since it’s now a trend you are just dying for your beard to grow. This serum was made to boost growth of beard follicles and also condition your beard. This is a must have if you are trying to grow some beard.

There are quite a number of products for beard growth in the market today. Make sure to choose the right product with natural ingredients. Natural oils are also not hard to find. Add this to your morning routine and your beard will thank you for that. Let’s not forget a good diet and a good rest helps with hair growth. Eat healthy and sleep well.

This is it guys!!!!! If you have further questions, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget it’s still #NoShaveNovember and you’ve got to donate to Save a life.

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