“Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be”…

The year may not have started as you expected it to, but it’s never too late to make some hair resolutions. Life is really too short to have boring hair. You’ve got to embrace it, love it, pamper it, invest in it and most importantly be confident in your natural hair.

What are your resolutions this year? Are you going for the big chop? or just going to transition? Don’t be scared! The natural hair community has got your back. Your natural hair may not be as hard  as you think it may be. It may not be as difficult to take care of it as you think. Forget all those insecurities and take the bold step.

My hair resolution this year is getting length, getting more defined curls  and learning more styles to do with my natural hair. Getting more length means more buns, maybe a few braids (and I dislike sitting down for hours just to get braids😩😩), and investing in oils. This is going to be challenging but let’s see at the end of the year if this works out.

This is my length now and I hope it grows longer by the end of the year What are your Hair Resolutions for 2018? Drop them in the comment section…

Have a blessed 2018 and I hope you all are able to achieve your resolutions.

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